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Monday, 20 September 2021 08:59

2021-09 New Refuse Bins

Dear owners,

Just to let you know that we petitioned the council for additional refuse bins on the San Jose lV  R3,4,5,6 & 7 sites and they have agreed to put one on Calle Onix and one on Calle Amatista.

This may upset the people on R5, 6 & 7 but should relieve the pressure on the bins near the top pool.

Regards Brian Newton (President)

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Tuesday, 07 September 2021 10:15

2021-09 Car Park Lights

Dear Owner,

I have today spent 2 hours with the assistance of 2 fully qualified electricians in locating and rectifying the fault and reason behind the main car park lights not working and the top street lamps being on all day.

This has been caused by some IDIOT/VANDAL who has systematically opened the connection boxes and cut the wires.

These lights were installed many years ago to illuminate the car park and entrance gate as a safety issue.

It was also discovered that some of the lights had been moved for the benefit of individual owners.

I would ask you all that if you have a problem on the urbanisation to contact either a member of the management committee or our administrator.

I do not know why the wires were cut but do know that we will be receiving an invoice for the re-connection.


Regards Brian Newton (President)

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